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How To Calibrate A Scale Without Weights

We recommend always calibrating scales with certified test weights. However, if you are in a situation where you need to make a quick fix there are a few ways to acomplish this. One of the easiest ways to calibrate a scale without test weights is to use a known weight of something else to perform the calibration. This is especially easy if you have another similar scale located in your building that is weighing accurately. Simply weigh something on that scale and use that same item to calibrate your scale. The item could be anything from coins to a pallet or perhaps body weight. Just remember someone can always come along and take one of those coins away or take an item off the pallet. Of course our bodies weight can vary through the day as well.

Remember, this is a temporary fix or a simple way to get you by until you are able to get your scales professionally checked and calibrated. All scales ideally need to be calibrated when first placed into service to insure accurate operation. Any scale will drift away from its original calibration in time. Wear of mechanical components, age and degree of use, all contribute to calibration drift. Many states require that any scale used to buy/sell based on weight must be NTEP approved and inspected and certified as to it’s accuracy. Normally, we recommend calibration every quarter by a trained scale technician with certified test weights.






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