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How To Calibrate A Salter Postal Scale

From time to time, all scales may require calibration to provide accurate weighing. When calibrating your scale, you are teaching the scale a zero reference point and a known accurate weight. The MODEL 335 allows you to calibrate the scale using lb or kg weights. Normally, we recommend calibration at least once a year by a trained scale technician with certified test weights.

Calibrating your scale using LB weights
1. Make sure there is no weight on the scale, and the scale is off.
2. Press and hold the Tare key, then press the Hold / Unit and Zero / ON / OFF key until the display shows 15.00 and release all the keys.
3. Press the Hold / Unit key to calibrate the scale using a LB weight… 35,0.0 is displayed. This is the amount of test weight you need to calibrate the scale.
4. Press the Tare key to accept… The scale will display the internal counts 9000—11000.
5. Press the Tare key to accept and to perform the zero calibration… 0,0.0 will be displayed briefly, then the internal counts will be displayed again.
6. Place your 35 lb weight on the scale and press the Tare key to perform calibration…
35,0.0 is displayed briefly, then the scale returns to normal weighing mode and Err 2 is displayed.
7. Remove the weight from the scale and press the Zero / ON / OFF key…
The scale will show 0,0.0 weight.





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