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Ohaus Scout PRO Laboratory Balances Calibration Instructions

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OHAUS Scout Pro Balance Calibration

Calibration is one of the most critical tasks to perform prior to weighing with your OHAUS Scout® Pro electronic balance. Because your students will be using the balance during multiple class periods and several times throughout the day, a simple calibration procedure completed prior to each class period will ensure your students achieve the most accurate and meaningful results. Better yet, consider incorporating a balance calibration activity into your lesson plans for your students at the beginning of the year. This will not only help them understand the importance of calibrating their Scout® Pro balance, but will save you some valuable preparation time before each class.

The traditional method of calibrating electronic balances is with an external calibration mass. Users will typically calibrate with a "span calibration" method, beginning with no weight on the pan to obtain the zero point, and then placing a mass on the balance to achieve a span point. Calibrating the Scout® Pro electronic balance is a relatively quick and simple procedure. Begin with your balance turned off. Press and hold the ON/ZERO button until you see the word MENU on the display. Release the ON/ZERO button and your display should now read .C.A.L. At this point you will want to press the ON/ZERO button one time (do not hold down) and the display should briefly flash - C - and then flash the appropriate weight of the calibration mass, included free with all Scout® Pro models up to 600g capacity.

For example, the Scout® Pro SP401 will flash 200g indicating that a 200g mass is needed to calibrate your balance. Once you place the appropriate calibration mass on the pan, simply press and release the ON/ZERO button. The display will then again flash - C - and then donE. In approximately 30 seconds time, you have properly calibrated your balance!

A couple of additional notes to keep in mind; although the balance is calibrated prior to shipping, it is highly recommended you calibrate your Scout® Pro when you first remove it from its packaging to ensure it is working properly. The effects of transportation and changes in temperature can have an impact on the balances which are easily corrected through this process. Also, if after you calibrate your balance you receive an error which reads ERR1 or ERR4, consult the user manual for instructions on linearity calibration.

5 Easy Steps To Calibrating Your Ohaus Scout® Pro Balance

Begin with the balance turned off

Step 1: Press & hold the ON/ZERO button until you see MENU on the display
Step 2: Release the ON/ZERO button. Display should now read .C.A.L.
Step 3: Press the ON/ZERO button one time (do not hold). Display should briefly flash -C- and then flash the weight of the calibration mass needed
Step 4: Place appropriate calibration mass on pan and press ON/ZERO button. Display will again flash -C- and then DONE
Step 5: Remove mass from pan and your balance is now calibrated!

(Note: If display reads ERR1 or ERR4 follow manual instructions for linearity calibration)



When Should You Calibrate Your Scout® Pro Balance?

When you first remove the balance from the box to verify there are no manufacturing defects
Prior to each class period in which the balance is being used. You may want to incorporate a balance calibration lesson for your students or make copies of these instructions for each workstation in order to expedite the calibration process before each class or lab













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